HCG Injections -How Do They Work

HCG injections are a great way to effectively and safely lose weight. This hormone that is found in pregnant women was discovered to have healing properties and weight loss benefits as early as the nineteen twenties. The movement was revised again in the nineteen fifties and then went dormant for awhile but is back in the limelight again because it is a powerful weight loss tool.

There are theories about why the hormone works but it does and it has been shown in multiple clinical studies to facilitate increased weight loss in people that have used the HCG injections over people that have not. These injections also have an anti inflammatory property as well.

For Pregnant Ladies

The HCG hormone is released in pregnant women to reduce the amount of fat that they carry so that they fat can be converted to energy for the growing fetus. If you are not pregnant and take this hormone than the same thing occurs. Your body reduces the amount of fat that you carry and coverts it into energy.

There is a lot of misinformation about the HCG injections that make people believe that they will suffer from other attributes of pregnancy if they use this hormone. This is an unfounded fear that is way off base. The HCG injections contain a small amount of the hormone to stimulate the bodies fat burning behaviors and since this is the only thing that the HCG is used for by the body in both pregnant and non pregnant people that is all it does.

The anti inflammatory properties come from the hormones job as a way to reduce the fat that is hung onto by the cells by reducing the inflammation of the cells the cells hang on to less fat. Overall it is a win win situation for anyone that uses HCG injections as a part of a diet plan.

Reducing the size of the cells helps to flush out the fat.

No Side Effects

There are no side effects from the HCG injections that effect a large section of the population that use HCG injections as part of their weight loss plan. The only time there are any negative side effects is when the dosage is doubled or tripled by people that are knowingly using too much of the hormone (bodybuilders, athletes). This is abuse and is not the normal reaction. Even at much higher doses the only side effects are nausea, headache and vomiting.

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